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Sword Art Online -

After making a much needed breath of fresh air to the Sword Art Online franchise with the release of Sword Art Online: Alicization in 2018 and making 2 sequel seasons that did amazingly well too, a new movie was announced to release October 2021 with A-1 Pictures! Being set in the setting of the first season (the most popular season), we have a nostalgic time with this trailer. Read more to find out!...

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one piece -

Whitebeard... one of the four emperors of the New World and the strongest man in the world. It's a wonder to think about this pirate's story to power and fame. Whitebeard being my favourite character in One Piece after his theatrical appearances during the Marineford War, I was so happy to write this blog about his climb to the top. Read more to find out how Whitebeard became the strongest man in the world!

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Pokémon -

After 15 years, Pokémon releases a remaster of the very popular game, Pokémon Diamond and Pearl! With a new lick of paint and a HD remaster of the entire game, it also brings additional features not seen in the original game. Read more below for the deep dive into the specific details of the new games!

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fanart -

We all watch anime. Anime that come out on a weekly basis like One Piece. Vintage anime gems that we like to rewatch. But how are these shows made and what's the process to make an anime if I ever wanted to make one myself. In this week's blog, we'll be exploring the roadmap from design phase to seeing your very own characters on the big screen!

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World Trigger -

World Trigger, a sci-fi shounen anime that initially released in 2014 and saw along awaited second season in 2021! We are now getting a third season for the anime with the trailer releasing last week. Join me as we take a deep dive into the third season trailer.

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