3 Episode Review: Tokyo Revengers

3 Episode Review: Tokyo Revengers

In Spring 2021 comes a new cohort of anime and one title has caught my eye since the announcement.

Tokyo Revengers.

In this blog, I'll be giving my first impressions in the anime with my golden rule of 3 episodes. I will be exploring how the anime has presented itself within the first three episodes, the opening and the ending music.

Please take note that this review is my thoughts on the anime and should not be taken as the official impression. This will be spoiler-free so please wait till the anime finishes airing for a comprehensive review!

Now, let's start with the overall plot development:

Tokyo Revengers has a good pace of story development with the main character showing growth already within the first three episodes.

The story itself starts to ramp up at a nice pace within the first 3 episodes and has already got me hooked, despite the unoriginal power of going back to the past (Erased vibesss!)

Alongside the main character we have a range of different personalities within the cast that has been introduced to us. Each character feels alive to me and has a distinct personality and attachment to the main character.

I also love Hina's personality that she's a fighter, great waifu material Takemichi 😉.


Whilst this anime doesn't have big flashy superpowers or amazing fight choreography like Jujutsu Kaisen or Demon Slayer, the animation itself looks crisp.

The production studio has made this anime look similar to its predecessors, Hataraku Saibou and Koi to Uso. Whilst it's not as beautiful as its doppelganger, Erased, it holds up a great production quality.

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Opening and Ending Music

The intro music to the anime is really really catchy.

Using Cry Baby by HiGE DANdism was a good choice as this fits the vibe and feel of the anime.

The ending music is a perfect choice for the ending, 

Mellow, relaxing and overall chill vibes at the end of an amazing episode.

Final Thoughts

Great anime with lots of promise.

So far I would give it 8/10

Let us know what your thoughts are on Tokyo Revengers in the comments below!

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