Anime Showdown: Gojo Satoru vs Mob

Anime Showdown: Gojo Satoru vs Mob

We're reviving the Anime Showdown series with an interesting matchup between two obviously overpowered characters, Gojo Satoru from Jujutsu Kaisen and Mob from Mob Psycho 100. Find out WHO WINS in today's blog!

Before we decide who wins, let's go through both contenders and their respective powers, strengths and possible weaknesses.


Gojo Satoru

Infinite Void Gojo GIF - InfiniteVoid Gojo SatoruGojo GIFs

Arguably the strongest character introduced to us in all of anime probably since Oda's appearance in One Piece. What's even more astounding is that he was introduced as the strongest known sorcerer in the anime and most of the anime was about targeting and killing him. What a way to show us how crazy this guy is!

His powers are on the level of legendary curses as Gojo can go head to head with Sukuna and also has the ability to create a Domain Expansion which enhances his powers even further.

Gojo's abilities are revolved around the ability to manipulate space, all the way to the atomic level! Alongside this, he has immense physical strength, fighting techniques and a strategic mind.


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Shigeo Kageyama "Mob"

mode mob GIF

On the other side of the ring, we have Shigeo Kageyama aka "Mob" who has phenomenal psychic powers which outclasses everyone else in the show, sort of like the telekinetic version of One Punch Man!

Mob has a wide range of abilities including Telekinesis, Chlorokinesis, Spiritual Awareness and can create an Astral Projection of himself (crazy right?).

However, Mob's true strength lies when he is on a countdown towards his explosion. Like a living bomb, he reaches 100% and this enhances his powers according to the emotion he felt upon reaching this maximum. Ranging from 100% Kindness where he created a barrier to protect his friends to 100% Murderous where he became cold blooded, ready to kill his opponents.

Ontop of this, Mob has a final stage where he can reach "???" and when he reaches this level, even he cannot restrain his latent psychic powers as they are fully unleashed without self control.



Whilst Gojo can control space and predict how Mob would move and think, I believe that Gojo wouldn't take this fight to begin with. The sorcerer is smart enough to realise that even his ability to manipulate space may not be enough to stop Mob in his thoughtless rampage at 100% and definitely not when he reaches "???" stage.

What do you think?

Do you think Gojo would win this fight through his physical strength and fighting techniques, or do you think Mob would wipe the floor with Gojo using his telekinesis.

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