Anime Showdown: Goku vs Gai Sensei

Anime Showdown: Goku vs Gai Sensei

The Anime Showdown series brings you a long awaited matchup between two charismatic fighters for its second post. Goku from the Dragon Ball franchise and Gai Sensei from Naruto and Naruto Shippuden. Find out WHO WINS in today's blog!

Before we decide who wins, let's go through both contenders and their respective powers, strengths and possible weaknesses.

Goku "Kakarot"

Dragon Ball Kefla GIF by TOEI Animation UK

In the top 3 favourite most overpowered characters in all of anime, Goku has shown time and time again that his power will dominate any threat. From his martial arts experience to his saiyan blood granting him otherworldly strength, it's hard to believe anyone is a match for him.

Having followed the character since the original show airing in 1986, this is the most powerful version of Goku we have seen yet, his Ultra Instinct form (UI). As many of you already know, in this form, Goku redirects his energy to boost his innate senses allowing him to essentially act before any living mortal can think about doing that same action.

Between his kamehameha and his multiple forms (Super Saiyan 1, 2, 3, 4, Red, Blue and Ultra Instinct... it's a lot I know), any foe wouldn't trifle with Kakarot, especially when he's angry.

The only "real" weakness of Goku would honestly have to be food. If you give this monster food, he will love you forever!


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Gai Sensei

Kinann Alamir Night Guy GIF - KinannAlamir NightGuy Sekizo GIFs

On the other side of the now destroyed ring, we have Gai sensei from Team 11  of Konohagakure!

Without having to say, Gai is the master of taijutsu and one of the most talented martial arts users that we have ever seen in anime. His dedication to close quarters combat over decades of training furiously have made him the definition of monster.

To scale his strength effectively, Madara - one of the strongest ninja in all of history and rivalling the strength of the first hokage, was impressed by Gai's strength during their 1v1 and named him the strongest taijutsu user of all...

That title alone shows the raw power of Gai in his Eight Gate released form.

However, this power does come at the risk of death for the user and Gai using it, made him meet his end (watch Naruto Shippuden to find out what happened next).



Both characters enjoy the fight of their lives and show their power slowly throughout the showdown of the century.

When Goku reaches his Super Saiyan Blue state, Guy shows his Seventh gate form showing Goku the Blue Beast of Konoha.

Each character uses their special abilities.

Goku uses his kamehameha with instant transmission to get closer to Gai whilst Gai uses Day Time tiger when Goku gets close!

At this moment... Goku forms into his Ultra Instinct mode and the clock starts.

Gai realises this and switches on his Eighth Gat form to match Goku's speed and strength.

Both characters fight at insane speeds, not visible to any digital equipment.

It's a battle of who can outlast the approaching doom of the stopwatch that is Ultra Instinct and the power of the Eighth Gate being released.

What do you think?

Do you think Goku would mop the floor with Gai or do you think it was a closer call down to who could maintain their strongest form for the longest.

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