Attack on Titan is based on Germany!?

Attack on Titan is based on Germany!?

With the new season of Attack on Titan being released recently, we have learnt a lot of new information about the eldians, the marley and about Paradis Island.

Attack on Titan History - The Great Titan War

My theory that Attack on Titan was inspired by World War Two and the Cold War starts with the previous season released in 2020 where we first saw flashbacks of Grisha Jaeger, the father of Eren Jaeger. We see that a wall exists both emotionally and literally between the Marley and the Eldian people, despite belonging to the same Empire.

This divide is due to the actions of the Eldian Empire many generations ago where the Eldians ravaged the lands with their titan powers and destroyed many early civilisations. The Marley empire was very badly damaged as a result.

After years of war, the Eldians began fighting between themselves and in this conflict, the Marleyans attained 7 of the 9 great titans. As a result, the King fled and formed Eldia which is known to be Paradis Island to the Marleyans and the Eldians who chose to stay with them.

However, despite fighting alongside each other in regaining Marleyan territory, the people of Marley will always refer to the Eldians as "the devil" and will never forget the chaos that reigned their lands. This led to the formation of such walls and the discrimnation has continued for generations.

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Theory Expansion

 Now, u might be thinking, how has any of this related to our world and the wars that have reigned on our Earth?

Well, during the cold war, Berlin was separated between Allied Influence and Soviet influence, forming West and East Germany respectively. This divide is similar to the divide we see in Attack on Titan and the discrimination of these people despite living in the same country and flag resembles the way the Eldians are treated in final season of Attack on Titan.

Knocking down such walls requires a revolution and with Eren's great plan in motion, we are yet to see what the scouts and the rest of humanity from Eldia have planned.

Predictions for the Final Season

Since I haven't read the manga and I don't plan to because of how amazing the anime is, I want to set out some of my own predictions as to how the anime will play out.

I think that we will see another Great Titan War between Eldia and Marley and the Tybur family has a deadly plan of their own in motion to control over the two empires.

Obviously our main character with dashing good looks, Eren Jaeger will put a stop to this. But at what cost? There is one thing that Attack on Titan gets perfect and that is the importance of sacrifice. 

I would love to hear what you guys think! Please leave your comments and I can't wait to read through all of them and tell you how wrong you are :)

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