Best Anime to binge 2021

Best Anime to binge 2021

With exams over for most, let's talk about the best anime to binge during summer!

What makes an anime worth binging?

 An anime is worth binging if it is long enough to sate my thirst for quality anime and has a compelling storyline that takes as much time as it wants to develop and grow with each episode. The minimum number of episodes to classify it as a binge-worthy anime would be minimum 50 episodes, gotta stay entertained during the long nights of staying up.

As a disclaimer, this will only include some of my favourite binges and I won't include some obvious contenders like Naruto, One Piece and Boku no Hero Academia as that's coming in a part 2 of this blog in the near future.

That's my take on it, let's go through some of the best anime worth binging we've seen so far!

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A classic that still is one of the greats and has the anime restarting Winter 2021!

Bleach has the best fight scenes and is a much more enjoyable experience to watch compared to other shounen anime that came out around the same time. With the katana/zanpakuto looking unique and amazing with each character and the bankai looking even more insane, Bleach is a show that cannot be overlooked!

It previously finished off with 366 episodes (with fillers, so check out our filler guide coming out soon) and the anime will be continuing where it left off in Winter 2021, 9 years after the show finished airing!


Hunter X Hunter

An amazing shounen anime that had me in tears throughout!

Hunter X Hunter has been noted by fans to be one of the best anime to come out, with its compelling storyline embedded with a deep moral compass, this show is not one to miss out on!

There are two versions so if you prefer more crisp animation, go for the 2011 version of the anime. 148 episodes to keep you busy throughout the summer holidays.


Monogatari Series


You won't ever find an anime like this, period!

The monogatari series has always pushed the boundaries of anime with its in-depth comedy scenes, the style of animation being completely unique and the watch order being different with every person that watches this masterpiece!

I only recommend this anime to experienced anime viewers.

It has multiple seasons, each with roughly 24 episodes. Watch out for the watch order guide coming out soon!


Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

The perfect mix of shounen and mafia that will last you all summer!

Starting off as a gag anime with comedy at its focus, Hitman reborn doesn't disappoint as it evolves from a comedy spectacular to one of the best mafia-inspired anime to ever release!

With 203 episodes to watch, your summer will definitely be starting off with a bang! Trust me, I've watched this show 6 times...


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World Trigger

World Trigger has been waiting 7 years for this fantastic sequel and it does not disappoint.

Starting right off where the previous season ended, we start this new season with a well choreographed team battle with amazing fighting strategies which are used on two fronts.

This is fresh to see in a generation of anime that can be lazy when it comes to fight scenes like in DanMachi.


Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan

A comedy anime that will not disappoint!

Who doesn't love a good comedy anime? Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan is the perfect anime if you don't yet understand Gintama references but still want a really good comedy/parody anime. All seasons are on Netflix UK making it perfect for night-time binging!

With two seasons so far, each with 24 episodes, you will find yourself finishing this anime very very quickly.


Haikyuu is the sports anime you didn't ask for but needed all this time.

Being one of the best sports anime to ever come out, Haikyuu has brought the sport of volleyball to our screens and it does it ever so perfectly. The emotions of each of the players, their struggles and their victories... I can guarantee that you will feel all of these alongside the characters throughout every season of Haikyuu.

With multiple seasons, each having 13-25 episodes, have snacks ready because it's going to be a big one!


Tokyo Ghoul

After season 1 of Tokyo Ghoul being an absolute smash for all anime fans, the bar was set high for season 2. Unfortunately, the show let us all down with bad writing and poor character development in the anime. If you want to find out what happens in the anime after season 1, don't do yourself disservice and read the manga instead.


Suffering from the same fate as Tokyo Ghoul, Overlord had an amazing season 1 but soon after showed poor storytelling and even jumped from place to place which confused most fans. I would definitely recommend reading the light novel instead because it is an absolute masterpiece.

Sword Art Online

Being one of the greats, Sword Art Online was amazing in its first season as it was amongst the first anime to explore the idea of being stuck in a game that was similar to an isekai. I would recommend watching up to episode 14 but after that, it just becomes a trash show that focuses on being a harem more than anything.

Thankfully, the show has revived itself with the latest season, Sword Art Online: Alicization so if you want to continue watching, I would highly advise to just skip straight there. There are references to previous seasons so I would recommend just reading up on wikis who the characters are.


Thanks for reading and be excited for next week's blog where I'll be talking about the greatest martial arts fight of all time, Goku vs Gai-Sensei!!

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