Will Kuroko Enter The Zone!?

Will Kuroko Enter The Zone!?

With Kuroko no Basuke premiering on Netflix for UK viewers, I am exceptionally excited to rewatch this anime in the living room! But there's always been one thing that I thought about whilst watching Kuroko No Basuke. This blog post will contain spoilers for the anime so if you haven't watched it yet, please do so!

I've always thought about why Kuroko, despite being the phantom 6th member of the Generation of Miracles, he couldn't ever reach 'The Zone' unlike the others. Now a lot of you might think, because he can't play by himself, but let's talk about it!

Each of the generation of miracles were able to pull through an adversity and break through the doors to 'The Zone'. According to the anime, the basic requirement for entering The Zone is to have an unwavering passion and the drive to win the match. Kuroko definitely matches this minimum requirement as he is a passionate player who has always had a love for the sport and wanted to win more than anyone else. We see this passion first hand when he decides that he needs to score for his team in order to help them win through the future matches and decides to learn the phantom shot.

Kuroko Tetsuya "The Vanishing Drive and The Phantom Shot" | Anime Amino

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Despite this, one condition that Kuroko doesn't meet is stated by Aomine is talent. Kuroko is seen to be the least talented player in the generation of miracles from Teiko Middle School. This is most likely the reason why he didn't achieve that next level of play in the anime.

Aomine, who suddenly became a Zone expert overnight, near the time of the Winter Cup Finals stated that the trigger to enter the Zone is different for each person. It could be that Kuroko hasn't defined that trigger or hasn't had a match to push him hard enough to feel the need for that trigger. As Goku once said, if you want power, you have to create the need for it!

However, despite this hopeful light for Kuroko's future basketball career, we must remember that Zone puts an extreme toll on the player's stamina, leaving them extremely tired and won't be able to recover, unless benched till the next quarter. Knowing Kuroko's stamina and athleticism, it is clear that Kuroko must work on this before even trying to reach the Zone.

We know now that Kuroko might have the potential for Zone and it could have been covered in the manga before it ended. But for now, with the anime's representation of this character, the only zone potential he brings is the Direct Drive Zone, the move that defeated Akashi's team!!


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