Custom NIKE Air Force 1 Inspiration

Custom NIKE Air Force 1 Inspiration

A lot of our customers are always unsure on what design they would like on their custom Nike air force 1 sneakers. Some want their favourite characters but don't know how to embody their love for the individual as art. Others prefer to recreate famous pieces of artwork like The Great Kanagawa Wave by Hokusai. Some even aim to have their favourite food or designer brand!

In this blog, I'm going to create a moodboard of custom air force 1 so that you feel more at ease when ordering your very own custom sneaker with AnimeRoom!


Favourite Characters

With this type of design, it can be tricky to create a design from scratch that perfectly translates the image of the character in your mind into a piece of artwork. For that reason, let's go through some existing designs that you could tweak to your heart's content.

Two Fates (Naruto & Sasuke)

two fates naruto sasuke air force 1 low nike custom sneakers


Following this design, you could have the eyes and part of the face on the ticks of the air force 1 low sneaker and leave the rest of the shoe blank. Very little painting meaning the cost of the design would be lower compared to other sneaker designs.

Jujutsu Kaisen Gojo

Jujutsu Kaisen Gojo Custom Air Force 1 Low NIKE Sneaker

Having a bigger design might suit your taste.

Take a look at our Jujutsu Kaisen design with the Gojo look inspired by the manga's Volume 4 cover art. You could even add the chains or other ornaments, as shown in the picture where the customer wanted stars and chains attached to the laces of the sneaker. Being a bigger design than Two Fates, the cost of the sneaker would be greater so take the size and complexity of the design into consideration if cost is a concern for you.


Art Work

Tanjiro Water Breathing - Demon Slayer Air Force 1 Low Sneaker

Tanjiro Kanagawa Great Wave Custom Air Force 1 low nike sneaker

Despite being named after the Kimetsu No Yaiba Character, Tanjiro, this amazing design was inspired by the Great Kanagawa Wave. The naming was chosen by the artist and the customer as they both had felt that Tanjiro had a strong connection with this sneaker.

As you can see the waves span from the tip of the toe box, all the way down to the back of the shoe. With the tick painted in a dark navy blue to contrast the Great Wave & your very own name painted in Japanese kanji on the back of the sneaker, this sneaker is the perfect demonstration of a person's love for art and anime translated into a one of a kind design.



Sakura tree cherry blossom flower petals custom nike air force 1 low sneaker

Going for a more subtle yet dainty look, the Sakura NIKE custom air force 1 sneaker has a fading sakura tree design that starts from the back of the shoe and branches out. Using the customer's favourite colour, blush pink, we perfectly embodied their love for flowers and japanese culture with their favourite colour to top it off.

With this minimalistic design and the option of having your name on the back tab of the shoe, the design would be significantly cheaper compared the shoes we are going to be looking at now.


Whole Shoe Designs


homecoming konoha naruto custom nike air force 1 low sneaker

Inspired by the customer's love for Konoha, we went all out on this design. Using a Konoha symbol from Naruto as the motif design on the toe box and back tab of the shoe and even painting the entire shoe to resemble more of a Jordan 1 low design, this was a dream come true for him.

Featuring a special Naruto mention on the bottom of the sneaker, you could tell that this was an anime that was special for our customer.

With such a grand design, the cost of the shoe can be considerably higher compared to the other designs highlighted in this blog post so be prepared when going for whole shoe designs.


Tanjiro Styles of Breathing

tanjiro flame and water breathing demon slayer kimetsu no yaiba custom nike air force 1 low sneaker

With the customer's permission, we have shared the design stages of another whole-shoe custom nike air force 1 low sneaker. Based off the two styles of breathing that Tanjiro exhibits during the first season of Demon Slayer and his famous kimono design, this sneaker is a love letter to any Kimetsu no Yaiba fans out there.


Non-Japanese/Anime Designs


waffle ice cream drip custom nike air force 1 low sneaker

The potential of your designs are not limited to anime at all. Our artist aims to embody the vision of your custom sneaker, whether its related to anime or not. This custom nike sneaker is a perfect example of that where the customer's girlfriend absolutely loved ice cream. So after careful thought, we decided to make a drippy waffle/ice cream cone design on her sneaker.

With the toe box and tick sharing the same design and the drip effect coming off each area, this design was instantly loved by our community, the customer and the lovely recipient as well.



tiktok theme custom nike air force 1 low sneaker

Being very similar to the initially discussed design, "Two Fates", this custom NIKE air force 1 low sneaker was made for a teenager that was popular on TikTok. The customer's recipient loved the app and wanted to have their design reflect this.

With the tick painted in a pixelated design and having a similar look to the tiktok logo, upon arrival the customer and recipient jumped with joy as they instantly recognized the design and it's origin.



Louis Vuitton LV Designer Custom nike air force 1 low sneaker

The final design that we'll be looking at in today's blog would have to be designer sneaker looks on our custom air force 1 low nike sneakers. We've had customers that love and want to have Supreme, Palace, Chanel and a range of other designs on their sneaker!

On this design, you can see that our artist went for a Yves Saint Lauren look on the toe box and tick and, upon the customer's request, even included laces that match the look of the sneaker.

For any hypebeast or shoe maniac, this style of design is very hard to miss!


Thanks for reading and be excited for next week's blog where I'll be talking about the Top 5 Shounen Ai/Shoujo Ai Anime 2021!

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I like your post a lot I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I’ve enjoyed browsing your posts. I will subscribe to your feed, and I look forward to reading your next post. I highly recommendedHandgun


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