Different Types of Breathing in Demon Slayer

Different Types of Breathing in Demon Slayer

Ā The new Demon Slayer movie: Mugen Train releasing soon to the western world, let's recap the different styles of breathing introduced to us in the first season of the anime.

šŸŒŠWater Style BreathingšŸŒŠ

Taught by Sakonji Urokodaki, water style breathing is one of the most common breathing styles as it has the easiest learning curve making it perfect for beginner demon slayers.

There have been a number of users that were introduced to us in the show: Sabito and Makomo (the students who failed the entrance exam), Tanjiro Kamado and most notably Giyu Tomioka, the only user other than Urokodaki to achieve Hashira status.

There are ten known forms:

  1. Water Surface Slash
  2. Water Wheel
  3. Flowing Dance
  4. Striking Tide
  5. Blessed Rain After the Drought
  6. Whirlpool
  7. Piercing Rain Drop
  8. Waterfall Basin
  9. Splashing Water Flow
  10. Constant Flux

In the anime, we have seen Tanjiro useĀ all of these forms to effect and hisĀ strongest techniqueĀ being the 10th form, Constant Flux.

There is an 11th form which was developed by Giyu, Dead Calm. In this technique, as we saw in the anime during the last fight, the user enters a state of complete tranquility, blocking and deflecting any incoming attacks with insane speed!

I hope to see Tanjiro develop his own 11th form as the water style breathing is infamous for it's flexibility and focus on flow infused in the user's swordsmanship. This was inspired by Yamamoto Takeshi from Katekyo Hitman Reborn! where the last technique for hisĀ Shigure Soen Ryu style wasn't taught to him and instead is unique to each user for them to develop and master on their own.


Giyu Tomioka - Dead Calm


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šŸŒ©ļøThunder Style BreathingšŸŒ©ļø

Being another main breathing style, Thunder Style Breathing uses swift strikes mimicing the movement of lightning and electricity in the user's swordsmanship. This is very similar to a style used in our world known as Iaijutsu which focuses on a single strike to defeat it's foe.

As Zenitsu tells us in the anime, the power from this single strike dervies from the user's leg strength (get squatting guys) and maximising the output of every single muscle into the one strike.

We know of only two users from the anime, Zenitsu Agamatsu and Jigoro Kuwajima, Zenitsu's grandfather and the only Hashira to use this style of breathing.

Despite the anime only showing theĀ 1st form, Thunderclap and Flash, there areĀ several forms of it (Six Fold, Eight Fold, Godspeed). In total, there are 6 forms to Thunder Style Breathing and due to spoilers, I will not be showcasing them in this blog post until the anime has previewed them. In the mean time, enjoy this gif!


šŸ·Beast Style BreathingšŸ·

The last style of breathing that I'll explore in this blog post is Beast Style Breathing. Unlike the other styles being from the main family of breathing styles, Beast Style Breathing is a personal style of Inosuke Hashibira who is also the sole user for this style.

There are 10 forms or 'Fangs' that Inosuke can use and we have seen him use the First, Third and Seventh Fangs.

  1. First Fang 'Pierce
  2. Third Fang 'Devour'
  3. Seventh Fang 'Spatial Awareness'

Exultant Anime GIF - Exultant Anime DemonSlayer GIFs


Who is your favourite demon slayer? What styles of breathing would you like to see in our next blog post? Leave Your Comments Below!

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