Dragon Ball Z vs Naruto

Dragon Ball Z vs Naruto

With both series achieving the title of Legendary Classics in the anime community, it's a hot topic to decide which of these anime is the best.

Nuj & Viggy discuss their points with each of them taking opposing sides! Viggy grew up watching Dragon ball Z & argues that the anime had better fight scenes than in Naruto.

Nuj disagrees completely as Naruto had "more mature" themes which were explored thoroughly & wasn't all about who could be the strongest. Nuj complains that the fight scenes in Dragon Ball Z were too spread out across episodes.

Both agree that the hype, animation & viewing experience of both anime are exceptional with the new Broly movie and the Momoshiki fight in Boruto!

Do you think one of these are a clear winner or does One Piece take the crown?

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