Get to know Naruto in 3 minutes!

Get to know Naruto in 3 minutes!

Ladies and gents, gather round! In an exciting round of anime speed dating, get to know Naruto and Naruto Shippuden in 3 minutes or less. Now take a seat, meet the most unpredictable ninja...

This blog post will contain spoilers for the anime so if you haven't watched it or read the manga, please do so before reading this blog!


Naruto is an orphan child whose parents died during the attack of the Nine-Tailed Fox which has been sealed inside of the child. He trains to become a ninja and joins Team 7 of the Hidden Leaf Village alongside Sakura and Sasuke Uchiha. Their mentor/team leader/teacher for Team 7 is Kakashi-Sensei.

Team 7 go on their first major mission, to escort the bridge builder, Tazuna, to the Land of the Waves. This turned out to be a mission required for veteran ninja as the mercenary, Zabuza was out to kill Tazuna. Team 7 fight through tough battles and Naruto loses control of the Nine Tailed Fox and goes wild! Naruto defeats Zabuza's trusted comrade, Haku and the group triumphs over the bridge building incident.

The Chunin Exams are about to commence and this would mean that the entry level Ninja (Genin) would be promoted. Everyone is training in preparation for this event and it's made even more special by the appearance of the Hidden in the Sand Village. The two villages conduct the exam together, testing the aptitude of ninja trained at both locations. There is a written portion and a practical portion of the test. The practical portion involves a team-based battle, followed by a series of one-on-one matches to decide the victor. The team-based battle occured in the Forest of Death. During this part of the story, Sasuke was becoming more and more evil as he was less concerned with mortally wounding or killing those who stood in his way. This is mainly due to the curse mark given by Orochimaru (one of the Three Legendary Ninja), who ambushed Sasuke in the Forest of Death. In preparation for the one-on-one match, Naruto decides to train under the famous Jiraiya, another of the Three Legendary Ninja! However, through all of this, a plot to invade the Hidden Leaf was exposed and a full scale invasion took place during the one-on-one battle between Sasuke and Gaara. During all of this, Orochimaru kills his former teacher and leader of the village, the Third Hokage. However, this left him heavily injured and with Gaara defeated by a Naruto Headbutt, the invasion was called off.

After the invasion, Sasuke is paid a visit by his older brother, Itachi, who is also part of the terrorist organisation, Akatsuki. Itachi is there to kidnap Naruto for the tailed beast inside of him and defeats Sasuke with ease in the process. Itachi leaves without Naruto and fuels even more hatred Sasuke harbors towards his brother as Itachi was the one who murdered the entire Uchiha Clan. However, through this experience, Sasuke learns that the Uchiha Clan can manifest great power, the Mangekyou Sharingan, only after killing the one closest to them

Seeking medical assistance post-invasion, Orochimaru seeks out the last of the 3 Legendary Ninja, Tsunade. After speaking to Naruto, she refuses to help Orochimaru, defeats him and his ally, Kabuto & is convinced to become the Fifth Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village.

Sasuke decides to defect from Konoha and kill Naruto in his path to gain the only power strong enough to kill his brother, the Mangekyou Sharingan. This fierce battle lasts for a while. They bring out all the power inside of them. Naruto using the Nine Tailed Fox, Sasuke using the full extent of the Curse Mark. Kakashi arrives on the scene with Naruto unconscious and Sasuke nowhere to be found.

This begins the journey of bringing Sasuke home and the promise made by Naruto to Sakura that Sasuke will come back to his friends. Naruto leaves on a journey to train with Jiraiya, Sakura trains under Tsunade to learn medical jutsu and Sasuke goes to Orochimaru's hideout to seek greater power for his one goal, revenge.

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