How accurate is Dr Stone?

How accurate is Dr Stone?

With the new season of Dr Stone coming out soon, I believe we should reaccount what has happened so far in the series as well explore the science behind each of Senku's discoveries. I'll be going through his experiments a few at a time so look forward to the future blog posts going through his experiments in detail.

Quick Catch-Up

Our protagonist, Senku, is a scientific genius studying in a normal high school and his best friend, Taiju, is about to confess his feelings for his childhood crush, Yuzuriha. However, just as this was about to happen, there's a sudden light and it turns out the entire world has become petrified into stone!!

Several millenia later, Senku awakens and starts using his deep knowledge of science to help unravel this mystery and survive.

Amazing backstory right!

Dr Stone has tons of science and has characters that show their love for science throughout the show!

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Now that we've caught up with the setting of the story let's go through each of the major experiments thoroughly in chronological order.

As Senku had just awoken, his first experiments were survival clothing, food and more importantly, discovering why only he had awoken from this seemingly eternal slumber.

Depetrification Formula

The key to discovering this was exploring the cave he awoke from. Senku found that there was nitric acid dripping from the stalactites and this is from Bat Guano. This material is formed from Bat's excrements, the fuzzy material from the bat's body and sand/earth from the cave (Refer to this paper to learn more). This mixed with an alcohol, derived from crushed grapes, forms Nital which subsequently undid the petrification.

Nital is quite explosive so getting the concentrations of each chemical is important. It's normally used for etching patterns/designs onto metals so using a low concentration of Nital was a smart choice from Senku given the materials available to him. 

The next big step for Senku and his newly revived team was created suitable housing as he had amazingly deduced that he must prepare for the coming seasons.

Calcium Carbonate Discovery and Uses

Senku decided that Calcium carbonate would be essential to creating sufficient housing, upgrading their hygeine and all sorts of other uses. Calcium carbonate, also known as limestone, can be used to produce mortar and using the mortar, he made housing that would survive most weather conditions. 

It can also be used to develop gunpowder which was hidden as a trump card against Tsukasa. However, this will be discussed in a later blog post. 

CaCo3 can also be used to develop plastics which could be referenced into the anime later on when the Kingdom of Science grows to even greater heights.


Look forward to our next blogpost where we'll be talking about the development of the crossbow, sextant and sulfur's importance in the Dr. Stone storyline!

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