How accurate is Dr Stone? Part 2

How accurate is Dr Stone? Part 2

It's our second round of Dr. Stone experiments and using my knowledge of science & the internet, let's see how accurate Dr. Stone really is!


Senku and the gang decided to make some gunpowder and the significance of this discovery was immense as it acted as a concealed blade for the Science Kingdom to protect themselves against Tsukasa and his Empire.

In the anime, Senku enacts a cooking show and added Sulfur from the hot spring/volcano that was harvested previously along with Charcoal and Potassium Nitrate. Charcoal was easily obtained by burning wood but, as Senku explained, producing Potassium Nitrate.

Senku doesn't go into the detail into how this was made but AnimeRoom will cover him, 100 Billion Percent!

Potassium Nitrate, also known as Niter, is a naturally found mineral and is used as an oxidiser in this reaction. This means it allows the sulfur and charcoal to burn in a stable manner. 

Senku also adds sugar as additional fuel to make the reaction work faster. He uses the glucose form grapes which completely works fine!

Once everything is mixed together, all ingredients must be ground together to form the powder, Serpentine! This is done by using Taiju's absurd strength (which also almost blew them all up!)


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 Senku and Chrome (Dr.Stone) - Render

Look forward to our next blogpost where we'll be talking about the development of the crossbow, sextant and sulfur's importance in the Dr. Stone storyline!

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