How is anime made?

How is anime made?

We all watch anime. Anime that come out on a weekly basis like One Piece. Vintage anime gems that we like to rewatch. But how are these shows made and what's the process to make an anime if I ever wanted to make one myself. In this week's blog, we'll be exploring the roadmap from design phase to seeing your very own characters on the big screen!

To start things off, the most effective way to get your work published into an anime is to create your own manga. Manga has been the most popular source of anime and therefore the most likely to become animated to the screen! From the likes of One Piece, Naruto and more, all have risen to fame through a weekly seralised manga.

Create your own Manga

To create your own manga, you will need to be good at drawing and/or writing. You can already see from anime you watch that this is vital. Demon Slayer was infamous for its illustrations and One Piece will always be the king of storywriting. The reason why there is a choice is because you can always work with a writer or illustrator to pick up your lack of skill. If you're already good at drawing or writing, you need to get your work popular with the fanbase. This can be done through community pages like Reddit, DeviantArt and even our discord.


However, if you are just starting off your journey, you will need to practice your skills over and over and over! Acquire the necessary equipment: colouring pencils, graphite pencils, charcoal, manuscript paper, possibly a graphics tablet for illustrations. You can see the amount of equipment needed for mangaka in Japan in the anime, Bakuman (which I highly recommend watching!).


Drawing won't carry your manga journey for your fans as you'll need an equally as compelling story to grab your reader's heart and steal it for yourself! A good story will have characters with distinct personalities interacting with the world around them as your story progresses. With a protagonist with a distinct persona like Luffy and a support cast of friends to support his journey, One Piece is a perfect example of this interaction working wonders.


If you want your work to become popular, faster, look at the most popular genres at the current time. See how they work and replicate their style. HOWEVER, if the reader doesn't sense your passion and your work being true to your heart, it will be worse than an amateur!


Once your manga is popular enough to become serialised, you can start contacting big publishers like Viz Media, Shounen Jump and more. The easiest way to get published with these big fishes is to win manga competitions in Japan by submitting a one-shot. Naruto and One Piece were both pieces of work that were produced by mangaka who established themselves from these kinds of competition.

Walking up a mountain...

From there, it is like climbing a waterfall. You will need to consistently produce volumes of manga to build up your popularity to the point where a producer from the publishing company you work with will contact you for a chance for your work to become visualised as an anime.

So there you have it, the step by step guide that is the definition of 'easier said than done'.

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What anime inspired you to start drawing or writing stories?

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