How Naruto SHOULD have ended!

How Naruto SHOULD have ended!

A heated debate in the anime community is whether Naruto Shippuden had a good enough ending or not. As this is a favourite anime for a lot of weebs, they expected a lot from the mangaka, Masashi Kishimoto.

Today, Abu & Nuj discuss their views on how the ending of the anime went. Nuj believes that the anime ended well as we were able to see the main group of characters become adults and have children of their own. This pulled Nuj's heartstrings as he's followed these characters from the first episode and now gets to see who they get married to as well as their children.

This is a key linking point to the Boruto series which focuses on the children of the main group of characters we saw in the Naruto series.

However, Abu reveals that he wasn't too happy with how the anime dealt with a few of the near-death experiences, a key one being highlighted by Abu would be Guy-Sensei's suicidal fight against Madara during the Fourth Great Ninja War. This annoyed a lot of viewers as they were emotionally prepared to lose a dearly loved character from the anime.

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