My Hero Academia Movie 3: World Heroes

My Hero Academia Movie 3: World Heroes

With the last My Hero Academia movie released in 2019, it was time for a new blockbuster to hit big screens with our favorite green haired hero. The movie "My Hero Academia Movie 3: World Heroes".

We can finally get a picture of what the movie is going to be about because of the three trailers that have been released. Let's start off with an analysis of the trailers.


In the first 5 seconds of the trailer, we see that Izuku is suspect as the culprit behind a 'MASS MURDER' crime. Obviously speaking, this wasn't Izuku so we can assume that he's been wrongfully framed for this heinous act and will be on the run as a result.

After hearing multiple characters reacting to the news like All Might and Todoroki-kun, big pillars of green gas that are supposed to represent the global chemical attack appear. This alongside the cult-like chanting for 'humanity's salvation' can only mean that our heroes are against bigger fish than a small group of villains with one overwhelmingly powerful quirk.

After all the chanting, the leader of the cult (supposed antagonist) group brings out a mysterious book that reads 'Quirk Doomsday Theory'. This sets the alarming tone of the movie as it often means that there is a time limit for our heroes before all quirks seem to exist. AND THAT MEANS THE END OF THIS AMAZING ANIME!?

After this shocking 'conspiracy', we see a new character introduced voiced by none other than, Ryô Yoshizawa. For those who are uncultured, this is the actor who plays Kamen Rider: Fourze and also voice acted for characters like Mikey in Tokyo Revengers, Okita from Gintama and Uryû Ishida from Bleach!!

Later on in the trailer, we get a glimpse of the new suits our Three Herosketeers wear whilst All Might says, "I entrust this to you, heroes of the future". Now at the surface, this may only mean that All Might cannot pursue the cult leader and is entrusting UA Class 1-A to go after him instead. But let's have our imagination run a little wild. What if Izuku Midoriya, Katsuki Bakugo and Shoto Todoroki were all sent to the future because they were unable to protect their timeline and the only way to save the world was to stop Doomsday before Midoriya was even framed!

Despite my fan theory, the cool suits that these 3 wear in this scene look amazing and I cannot wait to see what purpose they serve our heroes in the movie.

We see glimpses of other heroes like Endeavour and Hawks as well as other members of Class 1-A fighting against unknown enemies. They do not appear to be quirk users so they may be robotic in nature as Endeavour is holding a large metallic object when he is introduced.

With this guest appearance, the new suits and the music from Asian Kung-Fu Generations, this movie is definitely not going to be one to miss!

Film will be released August 6th in Japanese Theatres with a suspected September release in North America and most likely the same for the UK and Europe audiences also!

Don't give up, never give up in face of adversity, Go Beyond, Plus Ultra!

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Who is your favourite hero from My Hero Academia?

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