Pokémon: Brilliant Diamond and Pokémon: Shining Pearl

Pokémon: Brilliant Diamond and Pokémon: Shining Pearl

After 15 years, Pokémon releases a remaster of the very popular game, Pokémon Diamond and Pearl! With a new lick of paint and a HD remaster of the entire game, it also brings additional features not seen in the original game. Read more below for the deep dive into the specific details of the new games!

Pokémon Diamond and Pearl were revolutionary titles for the genre and you can say that it revived the franchise as it was the first title from Pokémon on the newly released Nintendo DS! As of November 2017, according to Wikipedia, Pokémon Diamond and Pearl has sold over 17 million copies worldwide, exceeding the sales of any other Pokémon game that had come before it!



From this wonderfully made and nostalgic trailer, we see that the game looks completely modernized with the 3D feature of new Pokémon games incorporated into this remaster. The addition of the Pokémon mascots following you as you go from Route to Route in your travels makes you feel like you're in the Pokémon universe. The HD remaster of all of the textures, characters and Pokémon look amazing from the trailer. They've left all of the 'old but gold' features of the game in like the Pokéball designing using stickers, the Cuteness competitions and even the Grand Underground!


We can also see in the trailer that the level of customisation in Pokémon games has evolved with this title as there are a greater number of customisation options with skin tone and hair colour included in the game versus the old 'Male' or 'Female'. You can also customise your character's outfit with the shop that's included in the game which gives you the option to buy new outfits for your trainer to wear as they battle across the Sinnoh region.

Grand Underground Return

With the Grand Underground's return, we also see a Co-op mode which allows for further exploration into the newly added Hideaway areas of the underground which may contain rare Pokémon. However, whether this requires Nintendo Switch Online is still a question left unanswered. Any treasures you find whilst using the old mining mechanic in the Grand Underground can be stored in your very own hideout where you can create your own little base with the collectibles you find in the rock,


In addition to these features, the remastered Pokémon Diamond and Pearl will have an expanded Pokédex to leave fans with more Pokémon to find in their attempt to complete their Pokédexes.

The game is releasing on November 19th 2021. Those who pre-order the game score Legendary Manaphy and its evolution, Phione, for free. 

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