Sword Art Online Progressive: Aria of a Starless Night

Sword Art Online Progressive: Aria of a Starless Night

After making a much needed breath of fresh air to the Sword Art Online franchise with the release of Sword Art Online: Alicization in 2018 and making 2 sequel seasons that did amazingly well too, a new movie was announced to release October 2021 with A-1 Pictures!

Being set in the setting of the first season (the most popular season), we have a nostalgic time with this trailer.


In the first season of SAO, we don't see much of Asuna until the players have a meeting about the first floor boss and Kirito spots Asuna on her own.

Her story as to how she got to Aincrad, how she faced the challenges of this new world were completely unknown to us as Kirito was the main character.

Now it's Asuna's time to shine.

The trailer starts off with a younger Asuna than we're used to speaking with her mother about her school performance. However, knowing her history with her family in the second part of season 1, we know that she faces trouble at home to say the least.

We are then introduced a never-seen before character who is playing a mobile game with Asuna until she recommends Sword Art Online to her. The girl's name is Mizumi (Mito) (according to AniList) and is played by none other than Inori Minase. An amazing singer/songwriter and talented voice actress. Some may recognise her work in Re;Zero as the character, Rem.

Asuna starting Sword Art Online

We see a nostalgic starting sequence to the game from the first season but with Asuna booting SAO up instead of Kirito. Seeing Aincrad again brings back a lot of memories of seeing the first season of Sword Art Online and we get to see a completely different experience with Asuna's perspective.

Kirito's sudden appearance as a supporting main character for Asuna sets the tone for the rest of the trailer as he speaks of the horrors that Aincrad can bring to the foolish because of Kayaba's madness.

One of the most exciting parts to this movie would have to be the soundtrack as LiSA returns to the anime that made her popularity explode. Crossing Field, the opening to the first season, was sensational! We get to hear a glimpse of this new, unreleased song during the trailer and it is amazing!!


With this movie, we get to see the view of those first days, weeks and months of Aincrad from Asuna as she is almost ripped apart by monsters and struggles to stay sane with the terrors that await her. When I watched the first season and saw how Kirito struggled mentally, physically and emotionally from the game (Sachi's death amongst other things..) it was natural to think about the horrors that Asuna went through. 

To those who thought the same, this movie will be a love letter to your wandering thoughts about how she became the sub-leader of the Knights of the Blood Oath and the rapier wielder known as 'The Flash'!

Sword Art Online Progressive: Aria of a Starless Night will be released in Japan October 30th 2021 and November 19th 2021 for western audiences!

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