The Legacy of Whitebeard

The Legacy of Whitebeard

Whitebeard... one of the four emperors of the New World and the strongest man in the world. It's a wonder to think about this pirate's story to power and fame. Whitebeard being my favourite character in One Piece after his theatrical appearances during the Marineford War, I was so happy to write this blog about his climb to the top. Read more to find out how Whitebeard became the strongest man in the world!

Whitebeard, otherwise known as Edward Newgate was born in the country Sphinx. Devastated by war and the country having most of its people in poverty, Newgate inevitably became povertised and lost both his parents. This became his drive towards piracy.

Rock's Pirates

Newgate first joined the Rock's Pirate Crew who consisted of famous characters like LinLin (Big Mama, Emperor of the sea), Kaidou (King of Beasts, Emperor of the sea), Shiki and Rocks D. Xebec himself.

As you can tell, this ship was full of personalities as well as characters that would eventually rise to the top of the food chain. However, despite being the strongest crew in the world at the time, they disbanded after a fight against Roger's Crew & the Marine Corp during the God Valley Incident. After a fierce battle with mostly unknown details, Rocks has died and Newgate moved on to form the Whitebeard Pirates.

Whitebeard Pirates

Despite the crew's infancy, they were becoming stronger by the day as they picked up strong pirates like Oden and some of his mink retainers. Whitebeard now became the captain of one of the strongest pirate crews with only one other notorious pirate that could stand in his way, the Roger Pirates.

Roger and Whitebeard battled it out for 3 days until they reached a truce and agreed to tell each other of their plans in the sea. After Roger telling Oden and Whitebeard about Laugh Tale and the Grand Line, Oden joins Roger's crew temporarily, leaving Whitebeard without a second division commander.

Ace and the Family of the Sea

For a long time, the one thing that Newgate desired after all of his years out in sea was to establish his own family since he did not have such a thing when he was young.

Enter Ace, captain of the Spade Pirates, a dashing new prodigy in the pirate world!

Whitebeard took up Ace and raised him as his own son whilst having him lead his own division eventually in the future.


At his peak, Whitebeard became an emperor of the sea and established himself as the Strongest Man in the World with the Gura-Gura No Mi at his command! However, despite his strength, he lost his beloved 'son', Ace as well as his own life after being attacked by his once crewmate, Blackbeard.

Whitebeard stood tall even after Blackbeard stole his devil fruit and Akainu put a hole through his body.

Not a single scratch was left on his back as he proclaimed that 'only cowards show their back to their enemies'!

Throughout his pirate career, Whitebeard has not received a single scar or strike to his back meaning... he has never ran from a battle or taken a surprise hit from behind...

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