Which Demon Slayer character are you?

Which Demon Slayer character are you?

Let's find out which demon slayer character you are! We've listed all of the star signs of the characters from Demon Slayer.

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Aquarius -  January 20–February 18 

 demon slayer kimetsu no yaiba giyuu tomioka water breathing GIF

You are Tomioka Giyuu 🌊

You always wears a serious expression on his face. You have a reserved personality and a strong sense of justice with no tolerance towards those who don't know their own limitations and throw away their lives.


Pisces - February 19–March 20 

Shinobu Kocho GIF - ShinobuKocho GIFs

You are Shinobu Kocho 🦋

You display a bright and cheery demeanor, always having a smile on your face regardless of the situation you are in. However, this is shown very quickly to be a facade, shown in the way you enjoy teasing others, to the point of being rather sadistic about it, enjoying most notably to pick on Giyu Tomioka (other Aquarius).


Aries - March 21–April 19 

No character I'm afraid 😥. Instead, enjoy this gif!

 demon slayer kimetsu no yaiba nezuko GIF

Taurus -  April 20–May 20 

ricopan inosuke 鬼滅の刃 鬼滅 笑う GIF

You are Inosuke Hashibira 🐷

You are extremely short-tempered and proud who always likes to think that you are the strongest fighter in a situation, constantly challenging most people you comes across and wanting others to respect and praise you for yourskill. 


Gemini - May 21–June 21 

Anime Laugh GIF - Anime Laugh Happy GIFs

You are Mitsuri Kanroji 💟

You are a very emotional and passionate person who constantly compliments people in your head, likely a contributing factor towards your nickname as "the Hashira of Love." 


Cancer - June 22–July 22 

Demon Slayer Tanjiro GIF - DemonSlayer Tanjiro Disgust GIFs

You are Tanjiro Kamado 💧

You are kind by nature and has been described by others as having very gentle eyes. You exhibit a great deal of determination and will not give up once you have a goal to achieve; the best example of this being your relentless quest to find a cure for Nezuko (other Capricorn). 


Leo - July 23–August 22 

KImetsu No Yaiba Demon Slayer GIF - KImetsuNoYaiba DemonSlayer DemonSlayerCorps GIFs

You are Muichiro Tokito ☁️

You are an air-headed individual who seems to constantly wander off in thought and never focus on one thing. Impassive and, at times, obtuse, you tend to think only for yourself and operate on logic alone, never letting emotion guide you.


Virgo - August 23–September 22 

Zenitsu Anime GIF - Zenitsu Anime DemonSlayer GIFs

You are Zenitsu Agatsuma 🌩️

You come off as a coward, as you often claim that you don't have long to live due to the dangerous job of being a Demon Slayer. You also have a rather low self-esteem despite your strength. You live in a constant state of fear and always cries and tries to run away at the sight of danger, claiming you want to live a modest, normal life, instead of that of a Demon Slayer.

However, despite these weaknesses, you still want to live up to the expectations others set up for you and will try your hardest when you need to. You hold great respect and admiration towards his comrades and your deceased teacher, Jigoro Kuwajima. Your inner focus and drive in avenging him help to wash away your cowardice and second thoughts when you're in a pinch.


Libra - September 23–October 23 

Sadly no one for Libra either 😭, enjoy this gif.

Nezuko Anime GIF - Nezuko Anime Demonslayer GIFs

Scorpio - October 24–November 21 

Tengen Uzui Bb GIF - TengenUzuiBb GIFs

You are Tengen Uzui 🔊

You are a very eccentric person, always wanting to complete actions "flamboyantly." Although you display an uncaring and forceful attitude towards some people—you get excited imagining how "flamboyant" it would be if Tanjiro Kamado's blood vessels exploded. You also have a caring side that is mainly only shown towards your most treasured ones.


Sagittarius - November 22–December 21 

Nezuko Protect GIF - Nezuko Protect ProtectionSquad GIFs

You are Sanemi Shinazugawa 🌪️

You are abrasive, hot-blooded, and stubborn, often times impulsive and quick to lash out. The only person you've displayed reverence towards was Kagaya Ubuyashiki, and only after realizing the man was much more than his outward appearance suggested.

Your cold, rude, dismissive behavior is the result of losing too many people you've cared about in the past. 


Capricorn - December 22–January 19 

Nezuko Pretty GIF - Nezuko Pretty NezukoKamado GIFs

You are Nezuko Kamado 😍😍

Your original personality as a human was kind and caring who thought of others before yourself much like your older brother, Tanjiro. Additionally, you were a responsible individual to your younger siblings and often put their needs first rather than your own. However, you are not afraid to get in harm's way, protecting your friends from Demons even after being returned to a human state.

As a Demon, however, you seem to have forgotten a good portion of your memories as a human, besides those related to your family, and thus doesn't retain the exact personality you had before transformation. You are still very caring and protective towards humans who you see as members of your family, although this is mainly due to the influence Sakonji Urokodaki had on you while you were asleep for two years. 

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