Which Kuroko no Basket Character are you?

Which Kuroko no Basket Character are you?

Let's find out which Kuroko no Basket character you are! We've listed all of the star signs of the characters from Kuroko's Basketball.

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Aquarius -  January 20–February 18 

 Kuroko's Basket GIF - KurokosBasketball ShunIzuki Hit GIFs

You are Shun Izuki 🦅

On the outside, you have a cool attitude, but on the inside, you have an unfortunate hobby for puns or dajare (word-jokes relying on similar pronunciations). Apart from your puns, you are very smart.

You play your matches with a cool-headed personality. You are an excellent strategist. Izuki is also loyal to your friends, shown as you followed Hyūga to Seirin so he would have some company, despite knowing that the school did not have a basketball team, the sport you were so passionate about.


Pisces - February 19–March 20 

 Kuromomo Kuroko Tetsuya GIF - Kuromomo KurokoTetsuya MomoiSatsuki GIFs

You are Satsuki Momoi 🍑

You generally have a very bubbly and outgoing personality who sometimes acts flirty, especially with Tetsuya Kuroko. You have a romantic vision of love, falling for Kuroko when he gave you a popsicle stick.

Shintarō Midorima has also commented that you are very passionate about basketball, perhaps even more than players themselves. You become very serious and almost sly when analyzing the opponents, often saying that men are just too predictable. The only person who you cannot predict is Kuroko, but that only makes you like him more.

You are normally very cheerful and bright, but when it comes to Daiki Aomine, you can get easily agitated. You care about him deeply, and because of that, you often act like his mother and lecture him. Despite it, you get angry at Aomine when he sees your "lucky panties" by trying to kick him.


Aries - March 21–April 19 

 Aomine Daiki Kuroko No Basket GIF - AomineDaiki Aomine KurokoNoBasket GIFs

You are Aomine Daiki 😍

Before you gained immeasurable strength, you were outgoing and even friendly. You often fooled around with Kuroko and KiseMomoi stated that the old you was very similar to Kagami; you loved playing basketball and was very good at it too. However, you kept training and getting stronger, to the point that you often completely crushed your opponents' will to play basketball. You were initially sad about this, and searched for your equal on the court, but you never found one.

Eventually, you came to the conclusion that you are simply the strongest and that "The only one who can beat me, is me". You also cast your feelings towards your opponents aside and now views them as weak and wants to crush them. You often seek to humiliate them in the worst kind of fashion. You have also become very lazy, only coming to training when you want to, and slacking off even during matches, sometimes abusing your teammates in the process, because you became bored.

Taurus -  April 20–May 20 

 Hyuuga-Junpei-Kuroko-no-Basuke-gif.gif (500×260) | Kuroko no basket, Kuroko,  Kuroko's basketball

You are Junpei Hyuga 🤓

You are a brash and rude, yet collected individual. Although pressured into the captain position initially, you have evolved over time into a calm, mature captain, caring for your team and being dependable and responsible.

You are best friends with Izuki and Kiyoshi, and is also good friends with Riko. There are also several hints that you have romantic feelings toward Riko, although as of now you are still just friends.

When in clutch mode, you become heated and rude. You have a habit of cracking your neck when he is confident of victory. In this state, you are at your very best.

You also have much pride as a senpai and as a player from Seirin High. You are never afraid to take control of the game and get Seirin in order. You can get fired up without your clutch ability when someone annoys him, both in the match against Seihō and Tōō.


Gemini - May 21–June 21 

 Kuroko No Basuke The Basketball Which Kuroko Plays GIF - KurokoNoBasuke TheBasketballWhichKurokoPlays AkashiSeijuro GIFs

You are Seijuro Akashi ☠️

Initially, your personality was that of a person who respected your teammates, while still holding that winners-mentality. You also cared and appreciated your fans that gave you daily support and focused solely on teamplay with your team. You also referred people by their last name as a sign of respect and was overall less menacing. The original Akashi personality has red eyes.

In your Middle School years, you developed a second personality that twists on the original personality. This personality showed extreme hubris and does not tolerate those that belittles you or defies you, stating that those who serve you or earns your respect can look you in the eye. You also stated that if Rakuzan lost to Shutoku during the Winter Cup, you would gouge your own eyes out and give them to your teammates. The reactions from all of your teammates and Midorima implied that they knew you would actually do it.


Cancer - June 22–July 22 

 Tetsuyakuroko Kurokonobasket GIF - Tetsuyakuroko Kurokonobasket Anime GIFs

You are Tetsuya Kuroko 💙

You have a deadpan and straight forward personality. You are very hard working and always tries to satisfy the needs of the team above your own. You have no presence and is quite unnoticeable, a trait that goes well with your misdirection. You have also displayed much respect towards fellow passionate basketball players and thinks that while senpais have to have pride, kōhais need to have respect.

Despite your initial kind personality, you can get extremely furious at dirty play, such as when your teammates were threatened and injured by foul methods in the Kirisaki Daīchi game. Your aura changes so drastically, that even Kagami gets scared when he sees you like that. When you get angry, it gets very hard to beat you, as you are filled up with fighting spirit. When the situation worsens, you seem to become talkative.


Leo - July 23–August 22 

 Zone Taiga GIF - Zone Taiga Kagami GIFs

You are Kagami Taiga 🔥

You are very ambitious, stubborn and determined. You refuse to give up in a difficult situation and you are also very head strong. You are well known for your undying and furious fighting spirit. You enjoy to play against strong opponents and see no point in playing basketball when there are no challenges; this was evident when you faced Kuroko Tetsuya for the first time. The down-side of this, is that you are also very hot-headed and has a short temper.


Virgo - August 23–September 22 

 Midorima Kuroko GIF - Midorima Kuroko No GIFs

You are Shintaro Midorima 👓

You are usually very reserved. You feel no need for fooling around, although Takao tries to persuade you many times (often ending up with him annoying you). Acting kind to opponents is very hard for you, while your friend, Takao has no problem with that. Very confident in your abilities, you often act high and mighty around others (mostly your teammates).

You also believe in blood types compatibility, as shown when you said Kuroko's blood type A and his blood type B don't get along. Your motto is "Man proposes, God disposes", which means doing your best and fate will decide the rest. Takao once commented on your preparation for matches, ranging from filling your nails, taping your fingers, listening to the Oha Asa horoscopes, and carrying your lucky item of the day accordingly, as some sort of obsession.


Libra - September 23–October 23 

 Riko Aida Aida Riko GIF - RikoAida AidaRiko Coach GIFs

You are Riko Aida 🏃‍♀️

You care much for your team, but don't hesitate to submit them to killer-training (Super Hard Training). Or to be exact, because you care for them, you are not afraid to push the team to the very last and force themselves to exert their strength even when past their limit. In order to motivate them, you often threaten to double, triple or even quadruple their training menus. All in all, you are very determined for your team to win and as your job as the coach, you actually enjoy raising them up and bringing out the best in them.

You attempt to act feminine at times, even trying to reward the team when they win by giving them a kiss at one point. Your attempts often comically backfires though, much to your dismay. You are also shown to be a rather violent person, often comically beating up your team and father, and even locked in a submission hold on Tetsuya for going AWOL. Despite the boyish side to you as the coach of a boy's basketball team, you like cute things, proven by the multiple pictures of puppies on your phone and your affection towards Tetsuya #2. You can also get jealous easily, as you were irritated by Seirin's attention towards Momoi and even punished them for looking at her. You are sensitive about your lacking curvaceous figure and erupts into a rage whenever someone insensitively points it out, such as Narumi.


Scorpio - October 24–November 21 

 Murasakibara Atsushi GIF - Murasakibara Atsushi KurokoNoBasuke GIFs

You are Atsushi Murasakibara 😲

Contrary to the impression your height gives, you act very lumpish. You fool around at serious times, which is not always well received. You are mildly sadistic and childish. You claim that the only reason you play basketball, is because you're good at it, you don't care for the sport at all. You have always told others that your dislikes, is bored by and even hates players who play basketball with passion, even when they are losing.

However, it is hinted that you actually like basketball from the bottom of your heart due to your activation of Zone. In accordance with your childlike nature, you have a sweet tooth and is seen eating sugar-related foods all the time, except during a match. It is also mentioned that you spend every single penny you have on all kinds of junk food.


Sagittarius - November 22–December 21 

 Kise Ryota GIF - Kise Ryota GIFs

You are Ryota Kise 🤩

To people whom he acknowledges, you often act cheerful and outgoing while also being a bit dramatic. Like the other Generation of Miracles, you are exceedingly arrogant due to your skills, barely acknowledging Kagami’s existence until you were defeated by him and Kuroko. To those whom you respect, you don't refrain from interacting with no matter how gloomy and distant they are (for example Midorima).

You exclusively add -cchi to the people who he respects (mostly the Generation of Miracles members) names, such as Kurokocchi (Kuroko), Aominecchi (Aomine) or Midorimacchi (Midorima), and has the habit of ending his sentence with the suffix -ssu.

Though easy-going when off-court, you can be very determined and serious while playing, especially when truly challenged. Because of the way Teikō Junior High played, you are a one-man player who would prefer to score himself than playing as a team. While playing against Aomine, you say that you just don't care about Kaijō winning, and that you just want to defeat Aomine himself.


Capricorn - December 22–January 19 

 Animated gif about kuroko no basket in Gif by Private User

You are Teppei Kiyoshi 🖤

You are mature and kind to people, very smart and almost always plotting something. In games, you take it easy at first, but when your game-instinct kicks in, you are ruthless and very professional. Your catchphrase during games is "Let's go have fun!". According to Hyūga, you are a very honest player in contrast to Makoto Hanamiya.

You are also very caring for your team. Because you founded the club, you have great affection towards your teammates and friends. You are willing to support them whenever they are in trouble and will protect them if they are threatened in any way, even at the cost of yourself.

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