Who is Naruto’s BEST Friend?

Who is Naruto’s BEST Friend?

With Naruto's friendly personality, he made a ton of friends during his childhood despite his unfortunate and depressing back story. So it begs the question, who was his BEST friend in childhood and adulthood.

Nirujan and Abu discuss this in the podcast episode above but have opposing views and attempt to persuade the other that their choice of BEST friend is correct (truth is they're both wrong lol).

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Best Friend in Naruto

To start this discussion off, let's start with his friends in childhood and then decide his BEST childhood friend. He first became a friend of Iruka-Sensei but I would prefer to call him more of a mentor and father figure, especially considering he held Hinata's hand down the aisle (spoilers).
His next friends were (in order): Sasuke, Sakura, Konohamaru, Shikamaru, Rock Lee, Neji Hyuga, Gaara and the rest are insignificant.

So out of these ninja, who was his BEST friend throughout the Naruto series? Was it Sasuke, his rival and comrade in arms from Team 7? Was it Sakura, his love interest and waste of space from Team 7? Or was it Konohamaru, his one and only inheritor of the sexy jutsu?

It's none of these characters, it was actually Gaara. Naruto had a life changing experience with Gaara and helped both characters grow as ninja and as people in the anime. Their comradery throughout Naruto to strengthen the relationship between the Leaf Village and the Sand Village was vital to the story and holds up to this day where both characters are the leaders in their villages.
So, if Gaara was his BEST friend in Naruto, was he also his best friend in Naruto Shippuden where Naruto went through a lot more experiences and changes in his life he would have never saw coming? My answer to this question is no, Gaara was not as impactful as before in this part of Naruto's journey to becoming the strongest ninja.

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Best Friend in Naruto Shippuden

Then who was such an important figure in the show and in his life? Let us again highlight such characters who deserve such a spotlight. One would argue Sasuke's unprecedented journey mentally and physically was the most impactful to the story and to Naruto. However, Sasuke went on his own journey for his own answers, much like the shadow that he is now for Konoha.

I will again be presenting my choice that would not be the most popular of choices, Kurama. Despite Neji's life ending sacrifice and Shikamaru's duty as advisor to the Hokage during Naruto's term in office, Kurama the Nine Tailed Fox was by Naruto's side through every moment, for better or for worse. Despite being the source of Naruto's suffering and hatred, Naruto finally learnt that his best friend was inside of him the entire time and accepted the tailed beast as a part of him and good fortune from his deceased parents.

Now these opinions are completely correct and I am entitled to my opinion. BUT, I would love to hear what you guys think! Please leave your comments and I can't wait to read through all of them and tell you how wrong you are :)

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