Why High School DxD is a masterpiece!

Why High School DxD is a masterpiece!

Now I know what you're thinking. High School DxD being a masterpiece may be a surprise to most. But after reading this blog, you will surely see the light at the end of the tunnel that is this blessing of an anime.

Quick Recap of what's happened so far...

To some of the newer anime fans out there, High School DxD is a comedy, romance, action anime that is based around demons and using special powers to fight against the evils that surround our characters. The main character, Isei Hyoudou is the sworn protector and knight for his queen and love interest in the anime, Rias Gremory. Despite being a demon, she is seen to be of noble background and from what we see in the anime, a caring friend towards humans and demons alike.

As we progress through our story, our characters create their own troupe, gaining allies along the way. Some being human and others even being angels. As they fight through battles to protect the peace of both worlds, the become a strongly bonded team that could overcome any hurdle that came before them. Be it the demon lord of hell or dragons, they got through it all together.

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What makes this anime such a masterpiece

Now, other than the obvious storyline, we can see that this anime has received 4 seasons and was set to receive another season late last year. Due to COVID-19, the release has been delayed to 2021 however, the popularity of this anime shows that it is amazing in it's own regard.

I have to be honest with you all.

I'm not being completely transparent about the true successes of High School DxD.

As anime veterans would already be aware of, High School DxD is most famous for it's ecchi scenes in almost every episode involving characters from Rias Gremory to Asia Argento (a petite church nun) with none other than the main character himself, Isei Hyoudou. His passionate personality along with his golden heart has given us as viewers a lot to watch across all 4 seasons.

However, let us not forget that this aspect of Isei is why the people around him want to be his comrade. Through his lechering behaviour, he has befriended those around him and helped him in his journey to aid his one true love, Rias Gremory.

At the start of the anime, we see more of this lechering perspective of his. However, as the anime progresses, we see him mature and become self aware about his emotions for the female lead. The insane emotion and power in his character progression is definitely one to watch!

So although this anime has it's blinding traits to success, do not forget about the unforseen thoughts that the mangaka has put in for us to enjoy.


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