Why Naruto is the best anime!!

Why Naruto is the best anime!!

Last time, we looked at the Dragon Ball franchise versus Naruto. This week it is another heavy hitter, One Piece versus Naruto. With Abu and Nuj taking opposing views on this discussion, it's bound to get heated as this is a personal topic for the two of them.

Nuj explains that there is a perfect balance of comedy, shounen and adventure in this anime all whilst exploring key themes such as self harm, loneliness, revenge and many others. It doesn't rush this process nor does it take forever to explore these themes. It ended perfectly and seamlessly to start the new generation of ninja who are the children of the characters we loved in the original show.

However, Abu argues that One Piece takes its time going through each character's back story which is very rare in an anime as the main protagonist is usually the only one who gets most of the character development. This insane story writing is paired perfectly with amazing world building, it makes you feel like you're in the One Piece world with Luffy and the gang!

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