Will Boruto inherit Kurama!? (3 minute read)

Will Boruto inherit Kurama!? (3 minute read)

With the release of Manga Chapter 59 of Boruto, we get a glimpse of the true villain of the series as well as an unofficial countdown towards Naruto's oncoming doom. This blog post will contain spoilers for the anime so if you haven't watched it or read the manga up to Chapter 59, please do so before reading this blog!

Now, everyone should be excited to hear that the original mangaka/creator of Naruto has jumped back onto creating Boruto, taking over for his assistant. And this is evident in the recent chapters as we can see the old style humour we saw a lot in Naruto and Naruto Shippuden.

With Masashi Kishimoto's writing style and art style also comes the way a story is developed slowly into a masterpiece. We can already see that the antagonist, Code, is being slowly built up to be the true villain of the show.

It seems like Naruto's death is being formulated by Code as it is even mentioned by Amado that he would die by the hand of Code if it was a 1 versus 1 fight...

Delta Naruto GIF - Delta Naruto Speed GIFs

This begs the question, if Naruto dies (which I think is inevitable), will Kurama decide/stay with Naruto? Or will he be thrown out of Naruto's body to go to the next jinchuriki!?

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Naruto was the saviour of the Tailed Beasts. He saved them from the shackles of being stuck inside of a Jinchuriki, treated them like equals and gave them the satisfaction they needed after centuries of torturous treatment by humans.

Knowing this and the special (to say the least) bond between Naruto and Kurama, it's hard to imagine someone else inheriting the power of Kurama let alone building a relationship with him after seeing his relationship with Naruto. I believe that Kurama would decide to die with Naruto as we see in Boruto when Momoshiki made a sudden appearance in the Hidden Leaf village. Naruto and Kurama responded to the threat but because of dumb, kiddy Boruto, the power of Momoshiki was too much. In face of this power, Kurama said that he was ready to put everything on the line...

It's not just their relationship that's special, it's the blood that Naruto has... the Uzumaki Clan. This clan which specializes in sealing jutsu and being often chosen to be the jinchuriki for other tailed beasts, have a special chakra trait that gives them enormous amounts of chakra compared to the average ninja.

This also meant that they were kept in hiding, as we saw in Minato's flashback with Kushina (who is from the Uzumaki Clan) during Naruto Shippuden. This ultimately means that it must be someone with massive amounts of chakra and who is young enough to tolerate the sealing jutsu and transfer of the Nine Tailed Fox.

Boruto fits that category and being inherited by the son of Naruto isn't such a bad thing.

Who is your favourite ninja from Boruto?

Do you even like Boruto or do you prefer the old ways of Naruto and Naruto Shippuden? Leave Your Comments Below!

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