Will One Piece Ever End?

Will One Piece Ever End?

With One Piece having it's 24th year, it begs the question when will the anime end? As an avid One Piece fan and manga follower, it almost brings me anxiety to think this beyond legendary title will someday come to an end. Join me in this blog to theorise when the manga and anime will end and how the current story may be indicating the end of the anime 😱😱!

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Oda Announcement

In 2019, Eiichiro Oda announced in an advertisement of JUMP that they would like One Piece to end in the next five years. This leaves us with a predicted end in 2024 and with his previous claims that the story was 80% complete, it seems inevitable that this prediction may become true. 

However, due to COVID affecting the release of 3 volumes of the manga, the ending may be delayed to 2025-2026. Despite the mega fans of One Piece here at AnimeRoom dreading the inevitable ending, Oda has said that is excited to draw the illustrations for the final arc of the manga and that it would be the best piece of work he's produced for One Piece!

Whilst that would be fitting, it seems hard to believe with the bar being set so high with such amazing arcs like Enies Lobby, Marineford War and the current arc on Wano Kuni (Wano Country).

Current Arc & Ending Predictions

Due to the majority of the AnimeRoom staff only reading the manga, there may be spoilers so anime watchers, BE WARNED!

With the manga in the heat of intense battle between the Worst Generation Pirates (Luffy, Zoro, Law, Eustass Kidd and Killer) versus Big Mom & Kaido, this signifies one of the biggest battles we've witnessed since The Marineford War!

The importance of these pirates potentially defeating two emperors of the New World will cause ripples in the world's balance of power. We already know that Luffy's bounty already rivals an emperor's level so after this battle, it won't be long till he sets his eye on Raftel. On top of this, Kaido and Big Mom also discuss their gain in this battle as they seek to gain the poneglyphs that the Straw Hats and more importantly, what Nico Robin has learnt about the location of Raftel & the One Piece.

This sets the stage for the final arc and inspires a ton of fan theories. like the war against the World Government once Luffy finds all 4 Road Poneglyphs!

But enough about fan theories, let's sit back enjoy the masterpiece that is One Piece as Oda says that this final arc will make Marineford look like a small battle!?

What was your favourite arc in One Piece? How do you think One Piece will end? Leave Your Comments Below!

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