World Trigger Season 3 Trailer First Look!

World Trigger Season 3 Trailer First Look!

World Trigger, a sci-fi shounen anime that initially released in 2014 and saw along awaited second season in 2021! We are now getting a third season for the anime with the trailer releasing last week. Join me as we take a deep dive into the third season trailer.

For those of you who haven't seen World Trigger, I highly advise you to give it a watch! Shounen battles that don't fit the normal trope with sci-fi embedded with strategy within every fight in the anime, this one's not to miss!!


The last season ended with Osamu's unit, Tamakoma 2, becoming complete with the induction of newly recruited (now Rank-B), Hyuse.

From the trailer, we see Hyuse joining in the Rank Wars as well as other sqauds duking it out like Murakami squad (Suzunari 1) and Kageura Squad. This would be an amazing fight to see as these are both Upper B-Rank Teams with talented attackers at the forefront of their strategy.

We next see Murakami again but with green contacts (supposedly) which I believe to be a newly developed trigger that he takes advantage of in a night themed battle in order to see his opponents clearly. This can be confirmed further since Suzunari 1 is Rank 8, meaning they are lower than the other two teams in this fight and would then have the option of choosing the conditions of the Rank War battle.

We then see Osamu fighting another person who we saw talk to Hyuse in the last episode after doing Solo Rank Wars against high ranking Attackers.

Unfortunately, we don't see much else but we can look forward to an exciting Third season which might be an in-depth look into this battle alone...

World Trigger season 3 releasing October 9th 2021!

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